Tim Hetherington died on April 20 while covering the Civil War in Libya.

The 41-year-old Hetherington, a highly regarded war photographer who won the Dupont Award and earned a best documentary Academy Award nomination with Sebastian Junger for Restrepo, was killed near the city of Misrata.

He was with the Pulitzer Prize nominated war photographer Chris Hondros of Getty Images, who was also killed. Two other journalists, Michael Christopher Brown and Guy Martin, were severely wounded. They had been covering the fight for control of a bridge when they came under mortar fire.

Restrepo followed a year in the life of US soliders at an outpost in Afghanistan.

Liverpool-born Hetherington was also a cameraman on Liberia: An Uncivil War and The Devil Came on Horseback.

Dogwoof, the UK distributor that released Restrepo, said: “Tim’s legacy will forever be enshrined in his remarkable images and film, but those who had the pleasure of encountering him will remember him by something much more. Tim aimed to highlight the plight of people so often ignored by the world and the mainstream media, and this tragic event sadly becomes his ultimate sacrifice in bringing attention to the horrors unfolding in Libya, the scale of which can no longer be overlooked.”