Mamma Mia! swept past $350m as yet another dominant display saw Universal's musical adaptation exceed last weekend's gross by 1% and take an estimated $15.3m from 4,562 sites in 48 territories through UPI to raise the international running total to $356.4m.

Combined with the $142.2m domestic gross the worldwide figure stands at the brink of $500m on $498.6m and is expected to surge past the half-billion threshold by Tuesday. Remarkably the film is yet to open in nine territories including Italy on October 3 and Japan on January 30, 2009.

Mamma Mia! launched at number one in Russia, Ukraine and Malaysia, taking $4.3m from 436 dates for Universal's fourth biggest opening ever in Russia behind The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, Wanted and King Kong.

Ukraine and Malaysia generated $450,000 from 65 and $140,000 from 25, respectively. The dancing queens held firm at number one in the fourth weekend in South Korea where $2m from 237 following a 20% drop raised the tally to $18.7m.

That extraordinary UK run continued into the 12th weekend as the film vaulted two places to number three on Saturday, boosting the running total by $1.1m from 405 to $120.9m (£62.6m). Already the biggest film of the year in the UK, Mamma Mia! is expected to overtake The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (£63m) this week to become the third biggest release in the territory behind Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (£66.1m) and Titanic (£69m).

The film added $1.3m from 462 in France after a 28% drop for $7.9m and grossed $560,000 from 550 in Germany after a 36% fall to bring the tally to $36.3m. Mamma Mia! added $530,000 in Spain from 220 after a 30% drop for $18.1m and moved up to top spot in the third weekend in Brazil after grossing $500,000 from 137 following a 15% decline for $2.4m.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor grossed $5.6m from 2,969 in 48 territories for $283.2m, driven by an excellent $3.7m number one launch in Italy in 326 venues, which is the same level as The Mummy Returns and 4% bigger than King Kong. The adventure sequel ranked fifth in Australia on with $700,000 from 245 dates, down 47% in its third weekend for $6.2m. China's total after 28 days is $18m and Japan has amassed $20.2m in 30 days. Greece will be Universal's final theatrical release on October 9.

Wanted grossed $4m from 1,691 dates in 31 for $182.6m and added $2m from 321 in Japan in the second weekend after a 40% drop for $14.5m, ranking second behind the launch of Iron Man through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI). The action romp took $700,000 from 340 in its third weekend in Spain for $6.7m and added $660,000 from 400 in the fourth weekend in Germany for $8.2m. The final two territories are Ecuador on October 3 and China on October 9.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army raised its running total by $2.2m from 1,753 in 31 for $62.6m, powered by a South Korean launch in 237 venues that ranked third on $1.3m. There are 18 territories to go over the next two months.

Death Race stands at $12.7m following a $1.8m haul from 854 sites. The action remake took $1.2m from 371 in the UK to rank third and was expected to rank number one in Lithuania and Romania following launches in those territories. There are 47 territories to open over the next three months including Spain, Poland and the Netherlands next weekend.

The Strangers added $1m from 366 dates in Spain, the UK and Australia for a Universal running total of $12.2m. Wild Child added $900,000 from 446 in nine for $13m. The teen romance opened in New Zealand on $40,000 from 37.

Wall-E was in imperious form for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, adding $11.1m from 491 sites in 33 territories for $215.4m. The film ranked number one in six territories, led by a $5.3m launch in Germany that beat Constantin's Der Baader Meinhof Komplex into second place. The Austrian debut produced $700,000 from 105, while the second weekend in Australia saw Wall-E stay top on $2.2m for $7m.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas continued to deliver spectacular results and grossed $3.6m from 448 screens in the UK and Spain for an early $6.8m running total. The Holocaust drama stormed to number one in Spain on $3m from 270 screens and ranks eighth after three weekends in the UK where $705,000 from 178 screens raised the tally to $3.6m.

DreamWorks' action comedy Tropic Thunder added $7.5m from 2,078 venues in 35 territories through PPI for $41m following launches this weekend in nine territories. Highlights came from Spain, where the film took $1.3m from 350 and the Netherlands, where it grossed $304,000 from 59.

Elsewhere Tropic Thunder held on to the number one spot in its second weekend in the UK as $2.5m from 453 after a 33% decline raised the running total to $9.2m. It added $910,000 from 322 in Germany following a 36% drop for $2.8m.

The paranoia thriller Eagle Eye kicked off its international career and opened day-and-date with North American in 13 territories on $4.2m from 1,043 locations. It took $1.4m from 206 in Australia heading into the school holidays, $900,000 from 321 in Mexico, $425,000 from 131 in a number one launch in Brazil and $175,000 from 54 in New Zealand.

Kung Fu Panda added $1.4m from 1,509 venues in 64 territories to stand at an excellent $411.2m. The most significant gross came from Italy where the animated hit took $779,000 from 374 locations, bringing the running total to $24.5m.

Iron Man's international running total stands at $255m following a $2m number one launch in Japan on 415 screens through SPRI. The film has amassed $14m through SPRI markets, while the balance comes from PPI.

SPRI reported that Hancock added $2.3m from 1,270 screens in 27 markets to stand at $391.7m. There were no new openings, however weekend business was driven by a $1.4m gross in the third weekend in Italy on 589 screens that saw the superhero tale rank third or fourth on $16.4m. Hancock added $530,000 from 416 in the fifth weekend in Japan to rank ninth on $26.2m and took $305,000 from 117 in the second weekend in Greece to rank third on $1.5m.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan raised its running total by $2m from 1,560 screens in 40 markets to $93.7m. The only new launch was in Denmark, where the Adam Sandler comedy took $125,000 from 35. Latest figures put the film on $17m in Germany after seven weekends, $10.3m in Spain after six, $3.8m in Brazil after seven and $620,000 in Hong Kong after two. The comedy will open in Italy and Italian-speaking Switzerland next weekend.

Step Brothers added $1.9m from 720 screens in 20 markets for $18.9m; it opened in Mexico on $105,000 from 101. It added $1.2m from 205 in the second weekend in Australia to rank third on $4.1m and has taken $12.1m in the UK after five.

The Anna Faris comedy The House Bunny opened in its first overseas markets, taking $755,000 from 231 screens in three. The film ranked seventh in Australia on $535,000 from 146, third in South Africa on $130,000 from 40 and fourth in New Zealand on $90,000 from 45. It opens in four including Russia and Singapore next weekend.

Warner Bros Pictures International reported a strong second weekend hold for Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Spain as $2.1m from 333 screens following a 36% drop raised the tally to $6.6m in second place.

The Dark Knight added $2.3m from nearly 2,400 screens in 54 markets for $460m, while Get Smart stands at $96.8m and Star Wars: The Clone Wars has taken $29.8m.

Fox International reported that the kidnapping thriller Taken opened at number two in the UK on $2.2m from 396 screens. Overall the film has amassed $24m through Fox territories. The drama Blindness added $491,000 from 95 screens in its third weekend in Brazil after a 22% drop and stands at $2.4m.