Mamma Mia! extended its international supremacy courtesy of another solid weekend as Universal's stage musical adaptation reaped a further $14m from 4,359 sites in 48 territories to raise the running total to $334m.

The latest estimate combines with the $141m North American tally for a $475m worldwide running total. The film's extraordinary success looks set to continue: there are 12 territories to go including Russia on September 25, Italy on October 3 and Japan on January 30 and a worldwide tally in excess of $500m should be well within Universal's grasp.

Mamma Mia! held on to the number one spot in South Korea for the third consecutive weekend as $2.9m from 237 sites following a 29% drop from the holiday weekend raised the running total to $16m. The musical also held on to top spot in its second weekend in Brazil as $560,000 from 138 following a 27% drop boosted the gross to $1.7m.

In other strong seconds weekend holds the film held on to second place in France on $2m from 454 following a 34% fall for $6.2m and added $640,000 from 289 in Mexico after slipping 25% for $2.2m.

The extraordinary UK run continued as Mamma Mia! added $1.4m from 405 in the 11th weekend following a 37% drop for $118.8m (£61.5m). This consolidates its position as the biggest film of the year in the UK and, having just overtaken The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, Mamma Mia! now ranks as the fourth biggest release of all time in the UK behind The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone and Titanic.

Latest figures put the musical in fourth place in Germany on $910,000 from 578 for $35.4m after ten, seventh in Spain on $629,000 from 339 for $17.2m after seven, $300,000 from 103 in the Netherlands for $8.1m after nine, and $190,000 from 197 in Australia for $28.5m.

Both of this weekend's launches opened at number one as Mamma Mia! took $399,000 from 28 venues in Singapore and $95,000 from 28 in Indonesia.

Strength in depth has been Universal's forte over the late summer period as evidenced by the ongoing antics of the graphic novel adaptation Wanted, which this weekend grossed $11.6m from 2,627 venues in 34 territories for $172.1m, led by an outstanding $7.7m number one launch in Japan from 322 that included previews.

The film added $1.4m from 422 in Spain following a 58% drop in the second weekend to rank third on $5.4m and also placed third in Germany after three as $1.1m from 426 following a 36% fall raised the tally to $7.3m. Wanted ranks second in Austria after three as $225,000 from 80 following a 43% tumble boosted the cumulative total to $1.6m. There are three territories left including China on October 9.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor raised its tally to $276.5m following a $4.1m haul from 3,312 venues in 53 territories. There were no new releases although Australia deserves mention as $1.4m from 240 following a 50% drop in the second weekend saw the adventure sequel reach $5m.

New Zealand held firm in second place in its second weekend on $175,000 from 53 venues after a 46% drop for $570,000. The film stands at approximately $18m in China after 22 days and Japan has amassed $20.1m through Toho-Towa after six weekends. The final two territories are Italy on September 26 and Greece on October 9.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army grossed $1.5m from 1,703 sites in 31 territories for $59.7m and opened at number one in Croatia on $20,000 from five and launched in South Africa on $158,000 from 64. The action fantasy sequel has 21 territories to go over the next two months and arrives next weekend in South Korea, Sweden and Uruguay.

The action remake Death Race grossed $1.5m from 550 in ten territories this weekend for an early international running total through UPI of $10.4m. Russia grossed an additional $1.3m from 369 after dropping 60% in its second weekend for $5.7m. The rest of the world will follow over the next three months and Death Race opens in the UK on September 26.

Teen romance Wild Child added $800,000 from 390 in six for an early $11.6m. The weekend's launches generated $450,000 from 91 including previews in Australia for fourth place and $139,000 from 29 in Norway. Wild Child climbed five places to 14th in its sixth weekend in the UK as $156,000 from 221 following a 35% drop raised the tally to $9.2m.

The Strangers stands at $10.6m through UPI after grossing $1.9m from 489 in three Universal territories. The thriller opened in second place in Spain behind Vicky Cristina Barcelona on $1.5m from 232 and ranks tenth in the UK after four weekends on $390,000 from 242 for $7.2m. Australia has produced $1.8m after six weekends and New Zealand stands at $75,000.

DreamWorks-Paramount's action comedy Tropic Thunder grossed $8.1m through PPI from 1,649 sites in 26 territories for $29.1m, powered by nine launches. The film opened top of the class in the UK on $4.3m from 461 including previews and also opened top in Germany on $1.5m from 324 as well as Austria on $347,000 from 47.

Kung Fu Panda added $2.4m from 1,925 locations in 64 territories for an excellent $408.2m running total. The largest contribution came from Italy, where the animated hit added $1.5m from 440 for $23.2m. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging grossed $572,000 from 446 venues in four territories to stand at $12.5m. The comedy opened in Australia on $338,000 from 172 locations and launched in New Zealand on $39,000 from 41.

Wall-E crossed $200m as it grossed a further $6.6m from 2,702 screens in 32 countries through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to reach $200.1m. This was the tenth release to cross $200m overseas this year and owes much to a $3.1m number one launch in Australia on 2,805. It opened second in Greece on $510,000 from approximately 70 screens in what was the second biggest Pixar launch in the territory.

Wall-E launched at number one in New Zealand, where it took $415,000 from 70, and there was a decent hold in the eighth weekend in France where the film added $670,000 following a 34% drop for $26.3m.

Miramax's The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas continued a strong run in the UK as it climbed two places to sixth with a $2.3m running total. The Holocaust tale arrived on the festival circuit last week with a well received screening at San Sebastian that precedes the launch in Spain on September 25. It opens in the US on November 7.

Hancock added $6.1m from 1,515 screens in 29 markets and has amassed $387m through Sony Pictures Releasing International. The action release stayed top in its second weekend in Italy on $4m from 678 for $14.5m and raised the tally in Japan by $1.1m from 456 screens to rank fifth after four on $24.6m. It opened in first place in Greece on $800,000 from 120.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan grossed $3.4m from 1,940 screens in 40 markets for $90.2m, buoyed by a smattering of launches in key markets. The comedy took $335,000 from 31 in Hong Kong, $165,000 from 30 in Argentina for second place, $145,000 from 40 in India and $130,000 from 130 in Norway for fifth place.

Latest figures put Germany on $16.5m in sixth place after six weekends, Spain on $10.1m in 12th after five and Brazil on $3.5m in ninth after six. The film ranks number one in Thailand and has grossed $771,000 after two weekends.

Two more Sony comedies were in action this weekend. Step Brothers added $3m from 750 screens in 15 markets for $15.6m and opened in second place in Australia on $2m from 205, while Pineapple Express grossed $1.1m from 425 screens in six for $8.4m.

Warner Bros Pictures International holds limited rights to Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona and launched the comedy at number one in Spain on $3.2m from 333 screens.

The Dark Knight added $4m from 3,500 screens in 58 markets for $455.7m, while Get Smart raised its tally by $1.4m from more than 1,100 screens in 33 markets to $95.8m and Star Wars: The Clone Wars added $951,000 from 1,791 screens in 34 for $28.7m.

Latest figures from Fox International reveal that Mirrors added $2.5m from 751 screens in 18 markets for $11.9m, fuelled by an $820,821 South Korean launch on 201 screens. Taken added $1.5m from 900 screens in 13 Fox markets for a Fox tally of $20.6m, while Babylon AD added $1.3m from 875 in 17 for $9.1m and Meet Dave stands at $33.7m. Arrancame La Vida has added a further $1.5m from 537 screens in Mexico and stands at $4.6m.