Several overseas releases are in the mix this weekend that could dethrone Ratatouille from the number one international film after four consecutive weekends.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) animated hit crossed $350m on October 30 and currently stands at $353.2m.

The animated hit currently ranks as the company's seventh biggest international release of all time.

WDSMPI's family title The Game Plan stands at $45.4m and launches in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore on November 1.

Universal/UPI's thriller The Kingdom, currently on $19.9m, opens in nine territories this weekend including France on October 31, and South Korea and Russia on November 1.

The comedy Knocked Up stands at $64.3m and launches in four including Spain on October 31. Romantic comedy Oviedo Express also launches through UPI in Spain on October 31.

The Bourne Ultimatum has reached $185.5m and stands a good chance of crossing $200m before long with this weekend's launch in Italy on November 1. Historical drama Elizabeth: The Golden Age sets sail for five territories including the UK on November 2.

Ridley Scott's crime drama American Gangster launches day-and-date with North American in four Eastern European/Baltic markets.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) opens the comedy Superbad in France on October 31 and executives will be looking to boost the on $36.3m running total.

Resident Evil: Extinction stands at $24m through SPRI and opens in Spain on November 2 and Japan on November 3.

Paramount/PPI's Bee Movie launches in two territories day-and-date with North America including Russia on November 1.

The Heartbreak Kid opens in 10 including Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland on November 1 followed by Mexico on November 2. It currently stands at $22.6m.

Fantasy adventure Stardust has amassed $64.7m and opens in four territories, among them Singapore on November 1 and India on November 2.

The Robin Williams comedy Man Of The Year opens in the UK on November 2, and the true-life drama A Mighty Heart opens in six including Brazil on November 2 and has grossed $7m.

Fox International's The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising opens in France on October 31 and stands at $11.8m.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) has no major releases this weekend. Latest figures put The Brave One on $27.5m, License To Wed on $26.6m, No Reservations on $48.2m, and a final international running total for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix of $646.8m.

Focus Features International's Lust, Caution opens this weekend in Russia through Paradise, Austria through Tobis, and Turkey through D Productions.