Indiana Jones will have a battle on his hands to hold on to pole position this weekend as Russian director Timur Bekmambetov's first English-language picture Wanted goes out in 22 territories through Universal/UPI.

The graphic novel adaptation opens day-and-date with North America in Russia on 850 prints on June 26 and is expected to score a big hit in Bekmambetov's home country. Wanted is also scheduled to launch in the UK on 650 on June 27 as well as Hong Kong.

Paramount/PPI's Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull roared back to the top of the international charts last weekend thanks to a mighty Japanese launch that leaves the adventure poised to cross $400m on $398.8m.

Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk, released virtually everywhere through Universal/UPI, has amassed $64.3m and opens in Belgium on June 25, Israel on June 26 and Denmark and Uruguay on June 27. The romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall arrives in Spain on June 27 and has grossed $29.3m.

PPI's Kung Fu Panda stands at $75.4m and opens in six including Australia and New Zealand on June 26, South Africa on June 27 and Hong Kong and Taiwan on June 28. Horror tale The Ruins opens in Germany on June 26 and Italy on June 27 and has grossed $4.1m, while Marvel Studios' Iron Man, which PPI has virtually everywhere, has rustled up an impressive $210.9m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International has the first Western European releases for The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian this weekend. The picture stands at $142.6m and arrives in France on June 25 and the UK on June 26.

Pixar's latest offering Wall-E opens this weekend and launches day-and-date in six Latin American territories including Brazil on June 27.

Warner Bros Pictures International's comedy Get Smart has grossed $7.9m since last weekend's launch and arrives in Australia and Mexico.

Fox International opens What Happens In Vegas, currently on $122.4m, in Brazil on June 27. Street Kings arrives in France on June 25 and Italy two days later; it currently stands at $43.2m. The Happening has grossed $61.7m to date.

In Italy, Medusa will release Un Estate Al Mare on 700 screens and is regarded as a litmus test for a territory that has not typically released homegrown titles in the notoriously tricky summer period.

New Line International's Sex And The City stands at $180m. The key territories to date are the UK on $47.3m, Germany on $22.3m, Australia on $20m, France on $15.4m, Italy on $9.8m and South Korea on $6.1m.