Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen's music industry documentary Before The Music Dies will become the first feature available for download through the online social network and music store Indie911.

Viewers will be able to buy the film free of copyright protection for $9.99 on Apr 6, and can also download a smaller format file for $3.99 for use on an iPod or portable video player. Playback will operate through Indie911's new hoooka online music player.

The film has already screened through a grassroots campaign orchestrated by B-Side Entertainment. 'B-Side's distribution model is about breaking down the walls between films and passionate audiences,' B-Side founder and chief executive officer Chris Hyams said.

'By using the viral power of the hoooka player within's wide community of independent music and film seekers, we are allowing fans of the film to spread the word while sharing in sales they help to create.'