The Producers Guild ofAmerica (PGA) has announced its line-up of nominees for the Darryl F ZanuckProducer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures, which will be handedout at the 15th Annual PGA Awards on Jan 17 in Los Angeles.

The films and accreditedproducers are:
* Cold Mountain - Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa, William Horberg and Sydney Pollack
* The Last Samurai - Edward Zwick,Marshall Herskovitz, Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise
* The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King - Barrie M Osborne, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh
* Master AndCommander: The Far Side Of The World - Samuel Goldwyn Jr, Duncan Henderson and Peter Weir
* Mystic River - Robert Lorenz, Judie G Hoyt and Clint Eastwood
* Seabiscuit - KathleenKennedy, Frank Marshall and Gary Ross

For the third year runningthe PGA is implementing its accredited producer protocol, whereby only thoseproducers deemed to have performed the bulk of producing duties fromdevelopment to post production are nominated.

Any film's credited producerswho believe they have been excluded can appeal to the PGA AccreditationCommittee.

The PGA nominations are afairly robust Academy Awards barometer, with 10 of the past 14 winners going onto win the Oscar, as Chicago didlast year.