Motion PictureAssociation of America (MPAA) president Jack Valenti hailed another blow toworldwide piracy yesterday (24) as Congress passed two trade agreements withChile and Singapore.

The agreements,passed by members of the US House of Representatives, eliminate tariff andcustoms barriers to US entertainment products and pave the way for strictenforcement of copyright standards.

'Today'saction is a victory for the hundreds of thousands of hard working men and womenin the entertainment industry,' Valenti said in a statement.

'Intellectualproperty is a major contributor to the US economy and expanding our foreignmarkets with increased standards of intellectual property standards will fostereconomic growth of our nation.'

Valenti'scomments were echoed by other member organisations of the EntertainmentIndustry Coalition for Free Trade, a key lobby group on Capitol Hill.

Last nightmarked the start of a nationwide anti-piracy campaign in the US, withcommercials going out in theatres and on broadcast networks.