Valkyrie infiltrates 13 further markets through Fox International this weekend including Belgium on January 28, Russia on January 29 and Spain and Sweden a day later.

The second world war thriller has started to build up momentum overseas and to date has amassed more than $18.8m through Fox International and a handful of independent distributors.

The comedy Bride Wars, currently on $19.2m, walks up the aisle in Mexico on January 29 followed by Singapore a day later and should use the launches to push towards the $25m mark.

Meanwhile Australia stands at $133.2m and arrives in China on January 28, followed by Russia on February 12 and Japan on February 28.

Paramount Pictures International opens Hotel For Dogs on $4.5m in 25 including Russia and Argentina on January 29 followed a day later by the UK, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.

Warner Bros Pictures International's comedy Yes Man stands at $87m and opens in Mexico and Brazil on January 30. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button on $26m launches in Germany on January 29. Gran Torino has reached $2.1m in its early days.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's family tale Bedtime Stories has grossed $76.1m and opens in South Africa on January 30.

Latest figures put Bolt on $93.5m and the film has a shot at crossing $100m this weekend. Miramax's drama Doubt opens in Italy and Spain on January 30.

Universal's Mamma Mia!, one of the biggest hits of 2008, gets its final release in Japan on January 30 and currently stands at $429m.

The comedy Role Models opens through UPI in New Zealand on January 29 followed by Spain a day later; it has grossed $12.6m. UPI opens Milk in Australia on January 29.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's Seven Pounds stands at $60.2m, while Quantum Of Solace has reached $391.7m, Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans stands at $4.9m and Raaz: The Mystery Continues has grossed $3.2m.

The horror remake Quarantine opens in Mexico and Italy on January 30 and the romance Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist with Michael Cera and Kat Dennings arrives in the UK on January 30.

New Line International's Inkheart has amassed $18.9m and launches in South Korea on January 29 followed by Mexico on January 30. Journey 3D has grossed $123.1m and Pride And Glory has taken $12.8m.