20th Century Fox continues to dominate the International box office in 2009 with another strong showing this weekend, lead by the much anticipated opening ofValkyrie.

Tom Cruise sits atop the Hollywood overseas releases after the MGM/UA release Valkyrieplundered an estimated $13.2m through Fox International from 2,283 screens in 13 markets.

The wartime thriller opened strongly in all its markets, ranking number one in Germany on $3.4m from 689, Australia on $1.3m from 233 and Holland on $825,000 from 96. The film ranked second in the UK and South Korea on $2.7m from 400 behind Slumdog Millionaire and $2.5m from 448 behind TheBattle For Red Cliff 2, respectively.

Valkyrie infiltrates 13 further markets next weekend including Russia, Spain, Belgium and Sweden.

Australia earned $6.9m from approximately 4,000 screens in 51 markets for $131.1m and entered the all-time top 20 pantheon in Australia in 18th place on $22.4m, displacing Shrek The Third and Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones.

Baz Luhrmann’s extravaganza launched in Brazil on $446,000 from 184 and rolls into China next weekend, followed by Russia on February 12 and Japan on February 28.

Bride Wars added $4.6m from 1,350 screens in 23 markets for $17.5m while another comedy, Marley & Me, raised its international tally by $2.1m from 1,180 screens in 16 markets to $16.4m. Sci-fi remake The Day The Earth StoodStill added $1.4m from roughly 1,500 screens in 31 markets for $148.6m.

FoxStar India scored its biggest opening weekend ever in India as Slumdog Millionairedebuted in second place on $1.9m from 351 screens, behind Sony Pictures Releasing International’s Bollywood release Raaz 2 but ahead of Warner Bros Pictures International’s Chandni Chowk To China.

Slumdog Millionaire was released in two versions - English and Hindi - and scored the third biggest opening day result for a Hollywood release behind Spider-Man 3 in five languages and Casino Royale in four.

Local language release Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 (If I Were You 2) held on to the number one spot for the fourth consecutive weekend in Brazil after dropping a mere 16% on $1.4m from 308. Fox International executives did not supply the running total in their weekend report. The film ranks as the third biggest Brazilian local language release. The Battle Of Red Cliff 2 stayed top in Taiwan in its second weekend on $281,000 from 132 screens for $2.4m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International’s drama Seven Pounds raised its tally by $12.6m from 3,302 screens in 27 markets to $60.1m. There were no debuts but the film stayed top in its second weekend in Spain after grossing $2.9m from 322 for $8.3m and added $2.1m from 346 in the second weekend in France for $5.7m.

Seven Pounds ranks third in director Gabriele Muccino’s home country Italy after adding $1.8m from 506 in the third weekend for $14.1m and stands at $5m in the UK after two.

A sterling $6.5m number one Japanese debut including previews brought Quantum Of Solaceto within striking distance of $400m after it grossed $6.7m overall from 627 screens in 32 markets for $391.2m. The Japanese launch was the best ever for the James Bond franchise.

The Best Movie Ever 2scored $9.5m number one launch in Russia on 948 screens, marking the second best debut ever for a Russian comedy behind the original Best Movie Ever. This was also the fourth biggest debut for a Russian film.

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans opened day-and-date with North American on $3.5m from 455 screens in 24 markets, buoyed by a fourth place Australian launch on $1.2m from 147, a number one launch in Malaysia on $575,000 from 74, a number one debut in the Philippines on $440,000 from 40 and a $410,000 number on opening in Greece on $410,000 from 30.

Bollywood release Raaz 2: The Mystery Continues opened top in India on $3.3m from 918 in India

Yes Man grossed $9.9m from 3,300 screens in 55 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International and stands at $82.6m. Propelling Jim Carrey onwards was France, where the comedy debuted on $1.9m from 400 screens, and Russia, where $1.2m from 468 raised the cumulative total to $5.4m after two weekends.

The film stands at $14.8m in the UK, $8.9m in Italy, $8.6m in Australia, $6.5m in South Korea and $6.4m in Spain.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button capitalised on its 13 Oscar nominations to take a further $6.3m from 1,410 screens in 17 markets and push the early tally to $22.5m. The key launch was Greece, where the fantasy drama scored an excellent $1.1m from 80 to rank number one.

It stayed top in the second weekend in Mexico on $1.4m from 440 after a 4% drop for $3.7m and added an outstanding $1.1m in the second weekend in Brazil from 203 screens for $2.8m and second place. Latest results put Australia on $9.9m and Sweden on $955,000. The next debut is Germany on January 29 followed by France on February 4 and the UK and Spain on February 6.

Gran Torino launched overseas and grossed $1.3m including previews from 149 screens in Australia. This ranked as Clint Eastwood’s biggest launch in the territory.

Summit International’s Twilight crossed $150m as $8.9m from 3,332 sites in 55 markets raised the tally to $150.9m. The blood-sucking saga stayed top in its second weekend in Germany on $3.4m from 612 for $10m.

Revolutionary Road was in strong form following its three Academy Award nominations and grossed $8.5m from 1,685 sites in 18 territories through PPI for an early $11.7m. The highlights were a $2.5m number one launch in France from 300 screens and a $1.8m number two debut in Spain from 260 venues.

Elsewhere, Japan delivered $1m from 267 sites and Australia generated $543,000 from 144. After two weekends in Germany the tally stands at $2.7m.

The teen release Hotel For Dogs grossed $2.4m from 782 venues in eight territories for an early $3.9m tally. The canine romp scampered into six territories and the highlight was a second place launch in Mexico on $898,000 from 371 screens.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa is the gift that keeps on giving for PPI and added $5.6m from 5,199 venues in 62 territories for $389.1m.

Universal’s drama Changeling grossed $3.2m from 1,352 sites in 40 territories for $47.2m. It got off to a solid start in South Korea on $450,000 from 155 dates and launched in ninth place in Germany on $675,000 from 194 dates. Austria also delivered a solid result on $145,000 from 39. Spain has generated $11m after six weekends. There are 20 territories to go over the next three months.

The comedy Role Modelsadded $2.1m from 558 in ten for an early $11.8m, while horror title The Unborn grossed $1.5m from 566 in five for $4m and Frost/Nixon added %1m from 413 in seven for $2.4m, opening in ninth place in the UK on $830,000 from 307.

Animated release The Tale Of Despereaux added $1m from 1,377 sites in 23 territories for $21.3m while the cha cha cha release Rudo Y Cursi became the third biggest Mexican film in history on 122.4m pesos behind El Crimen Del Padre Amaro on 162m pesos and Una Pelicula De Huevos on 142m.

The film added $300,000 from 333 venues in Mexixo and Argentina to raise the early international running total to $9.4m. It ranks seventh after six in Mexico after grossing $280,000 from 300 for $9.1m and ranks 13th in Argentina after grossing $20,000 from 33 for $275,000.

Milk soaked up a further $800,000 from overseas audiences, as it remained active in 300 sites in five territories. The drama stands at $2.2m.

Finally Mamma Mia!, one of the biggest hits of 2008, gets its final release in Japan on January 30 and currently stands at $429m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International did not report this weekend.