MGM/UA's Valkyrie held on to the mantle of top Hollywood film overseas thanks to an estimated $18.6m haul from approximately 3,900 screens in 26 markets that boosted the running total through Fox International to $38.9m.

The three-day weekend was led by a quartet of number one launches that delivered $2.8m from 400 in Spain, $1.6m from 300 through a non-Fox release in France, $495,000 from 70 in Belgium and $449,000 from 70 in Sweden.

The thriller about a historical plot to assassinate Hitler debuted in second place in Russia on $1.9m from 520 behind local title Samyi Luchshiy Film and, in a non-Fox release, also launched in second place behind local comedy Verdone in Italy, where $1.9m from 250 provided solid assurance of the ongoing appeal of Tom Cruise.

Second weekend holdover highlights came from Germany, where $2.3m from 400 raised the tally to $7.3m, the UK with $1.9m from 455 for $5.9m and South Korea with $1.1m from 360 for $6.3m. Valkyrie ranks second in all three markets and in the case of the UK sits behind chart topper Slumdog Millionaire.

There are no major releases scheduled for next weekend and the onslaught will resume on February 12 in 20 markets, among them Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan. Fox International executives will be heartened too by news that the film has been cleared to open in China on February 26 in one of the 20 coveted release slots bestowed upon non-Chinese films.

Fox's comedy Bride Wars added $4.6m from roughly 1,600 screens in 30 markets for $24m and opened in second place in Mexico on $761,000 from 402 and added $902,000 from 379 in the UK for $9.3m after four weekends. The comedy launches in Germany and Brazil next weekend.

Australia added $3.6m from 2,500 screens in 41 markets for $137.4m and is now the 17th biggest release in Australia. A running total from Australia was unavailable at time of writing, as were the opening weekend results from China.

Latest figures put the comedy Marley & Me on $19.1m following a $1.2m haul from 900 in 12 and The Day The Earth Stood Still on $150.8m.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button continued its excellent early charge with an estimated $11.5m weekend gross through Warner Bros Pictures International from 2,271 screens in 24 markets for $37.7m.

Germany led the weekend business with a terrific $4.6m number one launch from 635 screens that included previews. The drama also launched in op spot in Austria and German-speaking Switzerland as well as Holland, where it grossed $648,000 from 88.

Yes Man is bearing down on $100m after the comedy grossed $8.5m from more than 3,500 screens in 56 markets for $96.5m. It launched in first place in Mexico on $1.3m from 690 and debuted in second place in Brazil on an impressive $900,000 from 151. France led the holdovers as $1.5m from 412 in the second weekend raised the tally to $3.8m.

Gran Torino climbed to number one in its second weekend in Australia thanks to a $1.3m haul from 199 screens that saw box office climb 8% and stand at $3.3m. The drama scored the biggest launch in New Zealand for a film directed by Clint Eastwood on $130,000 from 34 that included previews.

DreamWorks-Paramount's suburban tragedy Revolutionary Road launched in 25 territories and grossed $11m through PPI from 2,928 sites in 44 territories for an early $26.2m. The excellent result was buoyed by a $1.6m launch in Italy on 230 screens, as well as $1.5m from 253 in the UK. The film retained the top spot in France with $1.6m from 300 screens after a fall of 39% for $4.8m.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa edged closer to the $400m mark after bringing in a further $3.4m from 3,629 in 63 territories for $394m. Teen release Hotel For Dogs added $1.7m from 808 venues in nine for $6.8m and stands at $3.1m in Australia and $1.9m in Mexico.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's drama Seven Pounds added $8.2m from 2,905 screens in 33 markets for $71.8m. It added $1.9m from 31 in its third weekend in Spain where it ranks second on $10.7m and added $1.5m from 345 in its third in France, ranking fifth on $7.6m. The film stands at $6.8m after three in the UK and ranks fifth and stands at $9.7m in Germany in sixth place after four weekends.

Meanwhile Quantum Of Solace has $400m in its cross hairs after it added $2.7m from 455 in 21 markets for $398m. The James Bond saga grossed $2.6m from 346 in its second weekend in Japan and ranks second on $12.7m.

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans added $3.2m from 822 screens in 30 markets for $10.5m through all distributors,

Twilight added $5.8m through Summit International from 3,028 sites in 57 markets and has now reached $160m. The worldwide tally stands at $347m.

Bolt surged towards $100m for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International as $4.3m from 2,850 theatres in 32 countries over the weekend raised the tally to $98.6m.

The film dropped 35% overall compared to last weekend and added $1.4m from 400 in the second weekend in Germany for $4.3m and stayed top for the third consecutive weekend in Argentina on $400,000 from 80 for $2m.

Bedtime Stories added $2.5m from 3,015 screens in 29 territories, powered by $420,000 from 360 in the sixth weekend in the UK for $12.6m to consolidate its position as the biggest Adam Sandler release in the territory. The film grossed $450,000 from 200 in Brazil for $1.8m.

Doubt added $2m from 500 in 11 territories to reach $3.6m and scored the biggest per-screen average in Spain, where the church drama launched on $896,000 from 175. It opened in Italy on $640,000 from 125 and added $217,000 for 88 in the second weekend in Australia where it stands at $1m.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua stands at $34.6m after the family release added $2m from 917 screens in 13 territories. The highlights came from the UK and Italy, which produced $1.1m from 428 for $4.3m and $640,000 from 250 for $4.1m, respectively.

Universal's musical smash Mamma Mia! opened in Japan and ranked second overall behind local title 20th Century Boys: Chapter 2, although it was the number one Hollywood release on $4.3m from 334 sites. The overall international running total through UPI stands at $433.3m.

Changeling crossed $50m after grossing $2.5m from 1,307 in 42 for $51m, while Role Models added $2.3m form 779 in 12 for $15m and launched in fifth place in Spain on $765,000 from 220. Milk launched well in Australia on $368,000 from 50 including previews and has amassed $1.7m from its limited international roll-out.

The Tale Of Despereaux stands at $22.5m, The Unborn has amassed $5.1m and Frost/Nixon stands at $3.3m and has taken $1.9m in the UK. Last but by no means least, Rudo Y Cursi added $100,000 from 61 venues in Mexico and Argentina for a total of $9.4m. It currently ranks 11th after seven weeks in Mexico and stands at $9.1m (125.9m Mexican pesos). The running total in Argentina is $310,000.