Universal's VanHelsing added $14m from 4,400 screens in 38 UIP markets at the weekend toraise its international running through UIP to $111m.

Including the$8m running total from 290 screens in the non-UIP markets of Russia, thePhilippines and Iceland, Van Helsing has amassed an industry-wide $119m.The picture passed $100m in all its combined markets on May 19 last week.

It held well insecond place in the UK, dropping 35% on $2.8m for $22.2m, while in Germany itadded $2.2m and fell 27% to rank third on $15.2m.

Van Helsing is second in Spain after grossing $1.2m and slipping 42% for $9.7m. Itadded $1.1m in Australia and fell 32% for $7.7m.

Latin American highlights include $800,000 and a 35%drop in Mexico for second place and $6.8m, and $400,000 and a 32% drop inBrazil for second and $2.7m.

Weekendupdates were unavailable from Asia, however Universal reported "excellent" runsin the region, particularly in Taiwan, where it has grossed $3.3m in 14 daysand fell 26%.