Universal's VanHelsing added an estimated $6.5m on 4,300 screens in 42 territories at theweekend, raising its industry-wide international running total to $131m.

It grossed$6.2m on 4,100 in 39 UIP territories for a $122.2m UIP total.

VanHelsing fell 48% in the UK on $1.5m on 434 for $24.7m and ranked thirdbehind The Day After Tomorrow and Troy. It added $700,000 on 524in Germany, falling 65% for $16.3m and fourth place behind the twoaforementioned titles and local release Der Wixxer.

Spainproduced $515,000 on 353 for $10.4m, falling 55% and ranking joint third with TheLadykillers behind The Day After Tomorrow and Troy.

Australia raised its total by $560,000 on 223 to $8.5mafter a 46% drop. It ranks third behind the big two, while Mexico fell 60% on$350,000 on 323 for $7.7m and also ranks third behind The Day After Tomorrowand Troy.

In Brazil, Van Helsing grossed $170,000 on239 screens, dropping 59% to raise its total there to $3.1m.