Fox International's sci-fi adventure Jumper triumphed over a strong challenge from Sony's assassination thriller Vantage Point to stay atop the overseas charts for the third consecutive weekend as a $12.8m estimated haul saw the tally vault to $81.9m.

Jumper remains active on 4,067 screens in 44 markets and the weekend highlight came from Italy, where the film launched number one on $2.1m from 353 screens.

Elsewhere the film generated $1.9m from 586 in the second weekend in France for $8.1m and there were robust third weekend holds in the UK on $1.7m from 421 for $14.5m, Spain on $1.4m from 400 for $8.4m, Australia on $843,328 from 241 for $6.6m and South Korea on $771,017 from 250 for $10.2m.

Jumper still ranks number one in Thailand and added $383,611 from 130 in the second weekend for an excellent $1.9m running total. It also finished top in New Zealand where $289,558 from 82 in the second raised the tally to $912,444.

Fox's spoof Meet The Spartans performed excellently in seven new territories and grossed $7.3m from 1,517 screens in 22 markets. The film is in a tight race for number one in Germany following a $3m haul from 304 screens. It did rank top in Mexico on $1.4m from 543 and Australia on $1.3m from 211.

Meet The Spartans launched in Brazil on $271,842 from 80, Hong Kong on $224,853 from 32, Austria on $202,604 from 49 and Switzerland on $189,363 from 28. The second weekend in Russia generated $352,925 from 275 for $2.2m.

Fox's romantic comedy 27 Dresses added $4.4m from 1,855 in 28 for $34m through Fox International territories. Weekend business was buoyed by a number two launch in Spain on $1.6m from 310 and a number two launch in Taiwan on $404,767 from 62. After three weekends 27 Dresses stands at $5.9m in Germany, $3.3m in Mexico, $1.6m in Brazil and a promising $1.1m in Austria.

Best original screenplay Oscar winner Juno added $4.2m from 1,200 in 17 for $42.2m. The comedy took $1.4m in the fourth weekend in the UK for $15.9m and stands at $9.3m in Australia after seven weekends, $5.7m in France after four and $5.6m in Spain after five.

After several months of lying low Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) bounced back with Vantage Point, which expanded into a group of new territories this weekend and took $11.5m from 2,480 screens in 26 markets for $14m.

The thriller scored a number two launch in South Korea on $3m from 209 screens and opened top in Spain on $2.3m from 369. Vantage Point opened fourth in Germany on $2m from 446, sixth in Italy on $700,000 from 303 and top in Taiwan on $670,000 from 73.

The film opened third in German and Italian-speaking Switzerland on $200,000 from 32, second in Sweden on $185,000 from 47, third in Argentina on $160,000 from 46 and sixth in Austria on $130,000 from 50.

Mexico added $450,000 from 300 screens to rank third on $1.8m. Vantage Point is set to launch in the UK and Japan among others next weekend.

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep tapped into a further $3.6m from 2,345 screens in 34 markets to raise the tally to $38.6m. The family title opened second in Colombia on $160,000 from 72 and added $850,000 from 284 in the third weekend in France for $3.9m. The UK stands at $8.1m after four.

Rambo added $1.6m from 490 screens in two SPRI territories for $6.8m. The action saga added $1.1m from 330 in the second weekend in the UK for ninth place on $4.8m and $500,000 from 160 in the second in Australia for fourth place on $1.9m.

Paramount Vantage's crime tale No Country For Old Men leveraged its four Oscars including best picture to great effect this weekend and produced the biggest weekend of its overseas run so far as it grossed $8.6m through PPI from 1,913 sites in 44 territories for $49.5m.

The film launched in nine including Germany, where it took $1.2m from 129 sites. Results generally increased in all active territories on the back of the Academy Awards success, and nowhere was this more evident than Italy where No Country For Old Men climbed to number one on $2.1m from 289 screens for a $4.8m running total.

There was also a strong performance in the UK where the film climbed 28% and grossed $600,000 for $12.2m. It added $1.2m in Spain for $8.2m.

Cloverfield grossed an estimated $1.5m from 1,364 locations in 56 territories for $77m. It is set to open in Japan in April in what could provide a huge boost given Japanese audiences' love of monster movies.

The Kite Runner grossed $1.2m from 537 venues in 27 territories for $26.1m and The Spiderwick Chronicles stands at $4.2m from South Korea and the Philippines, both after three weekends. The remaining international markets will launch around Easter.

The oil saga There Will Be Blood, winner of two Oscars last weekend for best actor and cinematographer, added $5.1m from 1,061 screens in 33 countries through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) for $17.4m.

Business was busiest in France where the drama launched on an exceptional $1.4m from 130 sites. Overall holdovers were strong: the film climbed 21% in the fourth weekend in the UK as $1.2m from 194 raised the tally to $5.2m. Elsewhere, Italy stands at $1.7m after three, Greece has amassed $801,000 after two and Australia stands at $1.6m after four. There Will Be Blood also launched in Holland on $152,00 from 15 sites.

National Treasure 2 added $4.8m from 2,638 screens in 35 territories for $221m. With China set to launch on Mar 17 the film should cross $230. France generated $3m from 626 in the third weekend for $15.8m.

Enchanted grossed $500,000 to stand at $183m with Japan set to open on Mar 14.

A couple of weeks after its stunning North American launch Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best Of Both Worlds Concert Tour delivered another knock-out 3-D launch, this time in Mexico. The film opened in the country's five 3-D screens and grossed $72,000, setting a new record after it beat the previous holder Chicken Little by approximately 10%.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Sweeney Todd, which won an Academy Award for art direction, closed in on $100m as $4.9m from approximately 2,300 prints in 54 markets raised the tally to $89.3m. The big plays came from Italy, where in the second weekend $1.3m from 334 prints elevated the tally to $4.5m, and Germany, where $838,000 from 320 raised the running total to $2.7m.

Elsewhere, the musical has amassed $21.2m after five in the UK, $18.7m after seven in Japan, $9.1m after five in France, $4.8m after six in South Korea, $4.7m after five in Australia, $4m after three in Spain, $2.2m after three in Mexico and $1.1m after three in Brazil. The film opens in Russia on Apr 10.

The Bucket List grossed $4.8m from more than 1,900 prints in 26 markets for $41.8m. The big new release was France, where the drama opened on $782,000 from 24 prints nationwide. After two weekends in Australia the film ranked second on $1.1m from 255 prints for $3.3m, and ranked third in Brazil after the same amount of time on $640,000 from 113 for $1.6m.

Germany has grossed $7.6m after five, Mexico $5.9m after six, Spain $5m after four, the UK $3.4m after tree and Italy has finished its run on $2.7m.

Fool's Gold added $1m from 574 prints in nine markets and currently stands at $7.2m. The caper opened in South Korea on $300,000 from 108 prints and launched at number one in Venezuela on $143,000 from 30.

In the second weekend in Mexico the comedy added $200,000 from 150 prints for $960,000. Australia stands at $4.4m after four.

I Am Legend stands at $327m. The major markets were the UK on $50.7m, Japan on $38.4m, France on $27.5m, Germany on $23.8m, Australia on $20.2m, Spain on $18.4m, Mexico on $13.2m and Brazil on $10.3m. Italy and South Korea finished on $21m and $16.2m, respectively.

The Other Boleyn Girl, which Universal picked up for 13 territories, opened through UPI day-and-date with North America in Spain, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine and totaled $1.6m from 307 venues.

Spain led the way on $1.2m from 215 in third place, while the Netherlands generated $176,000 from 29 and the Ukraine delivered a number one result on $218,000 from 60 locations. The remainder of the results will be known on Monday. Next weekend's openings include the UK, Austria, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Charlie Wilson's War added $2.6m from 1,262 locations in 44 territories for $41.1m. The drama launched in fourth place in Brazil on $520,000 from 110 and opened in fifth in Mexico on $420,000 from 182. Results for eight smaller launches will be available on Monday. Spain has grossed $2.8m after two weekends and there are five territories to go including South Africa next weekend.

Atonement, winner of a sole Oscar for best score, added $1.2m from 827 dates in 45 territories for $72.6m, while Untraceable, which Universal acquired in a few territories, launched in eighth place in the UK on $1.2m from 281 sites.

Definitely, Maybe stands at $9.3m and American Gangster has amassed $133.6m. We Own The Night, which Universal picked up for seven territories, opened in sixth place in Austria on $500,000 from 131. Germany has generated $615,000 after two weekends and the limited UPI total stands at $5m.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age added $500,000 from 296 sites in the third weekend in Japan following its costume Oscar last weekend and stands at $4.9m. The drama remains active in 11 territories in all and has amassed $54.4m. There are seven Latin American territories to go including Mexico on Mar 7.