Ariel Veneziano’s freshly minted sales company Recreation has entered into a deal to handle international sales on Neil Friedman’s Menemsha Films slate.

The roster kicks off with Czech film-maker Jan Hrebejk drama Kawasaki’s Rose, which just earned nine Czech Lion nominations and will open Panorama tonight [12].

Meanwhile there is a market screening for Ludi Boeken’s second world war survival tale Saviors In The Night (Unter Bauern), which recently opened the New York Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center.

The slate includes Hrebejk’s romantic comedy Shamelessand Michael Verhoeven’s Human Failure, which chronicles how the Third Reich appropriated assets from German Jews.

Menemsha will release Sharon Maymon and Erez Tadmor’s Israeli comedy A Matter Of Size in North America in Boston on March 12.

“Ariel cut his teeth working for Menemsha on early international titles such as Color Of Paradise, Train Of Life and Divided We Fall,” Friedman said. “Ariel and I always worked very well together so this will only enhance the sales of Menemsha titles in the international marketplace.”

“Over the years, Neil has demonstrated unparalleled flair for finding cinematic gems from all over the world,” Veneziano added. “Additionally, Menemsha has emerged as a top-notch domestic distributor, perfectly complementing the international sales activity and making this an ideal inaugural partnership for Recreation.”