Alejandro Bellame Palacios' The Colour Of Fame (El Tinte De La Fama) has been selected as Venezuela's foreign-language Oscar submission from a shortlist of ten.

In related news, Los Angeles-based Cinevolve Studios has acquired all worldwide rights excluding Venezuela and plans a limited theatrical release between now and early 2009.

The Colour Of Fame stars Elaiza Gil as a woman who is pressured by her husband to enter a Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest on TV to relieve their financial woes. In the process she suffers an identity crisis that mimics the life of the mythical actress. Alberto Alifa, Johanna Morales, Oscar Molinari and Miguel Ferrari also star.

Cinevolve Studios CEO Arik Treston brokered the deal with Totem Films president Nicole Ballivian.

'It's a closer look at a culture that isn't that dissimilar from ours, despite the political tensions between our two countries,' Treston said. 'Ultimately, we seek films like this to distribute that can illuminate, entertain and educate audiences and bring us all together with the common ground of cinema.'

'I wanted to tell the story of a Venezuelan Marilyn Monroe, a local story with a universal appeal that could be understood anywhere,' Palacios said. 'Through Cinevolve, this film, a metaphor for Venezuela's identity crisis, will have the chance to spread a little bit of our culture to many corners of the world.'

Cinevolve Studios was founded in 2007 by a collective of independent film-makers and entertainment industry professionals. Upcoming releases include We Pedal Uphill, a post-9/11 tapestry of American stories set to open later this year, as well as John McKenzie's British farce 12 In A Box.