Visual effects experts from Europe, Japan and the USA including Olcun Tan (Black Hawk Down), Karen E. Goulekas (Spider-Man), Thomas Duval (Amelie), and Tim McGovern (Total Recall) will speak about past and present projects and artistic visions in the conference section of this year's Film and Media Exchange (FMX) in Stuttgart from May 23-26.

The FMX event which brings CGI animators, post-production companies, SFX supervisors together with budding digital artists, will also present a cross-section of the best productions in the fields of character animation, visual effects, commercials and digital content in its European Screenings sidebar as well as screenings of films by the conference speakers.

An innovation this year will be the New Talent Exchange which will offer a forum for CGI students and graduates. Moreover, the issue of education will be pursued in a panel with representatives from the Academy for Film & Television in Babelsberg, Munich's Animation Campus and Ludwigsburg-based Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Post-Production to discuss the conditions for training students in the field of digital media production.