The 25th Annual Vancouver Film & TV Forum (September 28 - October 1) has announced its line-up for the new Filmmakers’ Day (October 2), which includes a session with Hot Tub Time Machine writers Sean Anders and John Morris talking about their next script.

Anders and Morris are set to go into production with the upcoming Jim Carrey family comedy, Mr. Popper’s Penguins and they’re currently working with the Farrelly Brothers on Walter The Farting Dog, an adaptation of the beloved children’s book.

Also in the Filmmakers’ Day line-up is a session called “Webisodes with Legs: Riese and Afterjudgment” where webisodic creators reveal how they created and financed their shows, which have found success. (Riese has been bought by the ScFy Channel and Afterjudgment is being made into a feature film.) Panelists include Damon Vignale (writer/producer/director), Kaleena Kiff (content creator, Riese), Ryan Copple (content creator, Riese) and Michael Davies (creator, Afterjudgment).

In another panel, Frame by Frame, Oscar-winning editor Stephen Mirrione will discuss the aesthetic and technical contributions he makes to pictures such as Ocean’s Thirteen, Babel, Good Night and Good Luck, 21 Grams, Leatherheads, The Informant, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and Traffic.

In the Anatomy of a Scene session, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, director David Slade will give the insider’s scoop on two scenes that created unique challenges for him and the manner in which he turned them into “little masterpieces”.