Village Roadshow has takeninternational sales rights to DecemberBoys, the feature starring Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe that goes intoproduction before the end of the year.

Roadshow Film Distributors,as part of this new deal, will also co-distribute the coming-of-age dramalocally alongside Becker, which is the production company behind the film.

Village Roadshow does notcommonly act as a sales agent these days, although it did on a batch ofAustralian films in the second half of the 1990s, including The Craic, The Castle and Joey.

US-based Aura Entertainmentwas attached in this role when the film received the green light from FilmFinance Corporation Australia in March last year, but is no longer involved. Theother equity investors are the South Australian Film Corporation and Germaninvestor MB 2 Film & Media GmBH. MBM has German-speaking territories on thestrength of a handshake deal made many years ago with producer Richard Becker.

Rod Hardy is directing MarcRosenberg's script adapted from the book by Michael Noonan. Set in the 1960s,it is about four close-knit adolescent orphans, the oldest of which will beplayed by Radcliffe, who go for a holiday by the sea. Friendships are testedand new alliances made when rumours emerge that the two seaside families arelooking to adopt.