12 Beneluxpremieres will take place during the 32nd Annual Flanders Film Festival, whichruns from Oct 11-22 in Ghent, Belgium.

US titles set toscreen among more than 200 entries include A History of Violence, Walk TheLine, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, Elizabethtown and The Weather Man.

As previouslyannounced, Mike Leigh and Alan Ladd Jr will receive the Joseph Plateau Award,which has previously gone to Robert Altman, Juliette Binoche and SydneyPollack, among others.

This year's internationaljury will include UK actress Brenda Blethyn, Irish producer Arthur Lappin,Danish sales agent Lissy Bellaiche, Argentinean composer Jose Luis Castineirade Dios, French director Carine Tardieu and Belgian director DominiqueDeruddere.

For more detailsvisit the official website at http://filmfestival.telenet.be/nl.