Gullane Filmes

Contact: Manuela Mandler,

Caio and Fabiano Gullane aim to make artistic and technically proficient projects that appeal to Brazilian and international audiences. They are now working on Mano, based on the script by Luiz Bolognesi, writer of Birdwatchers.

Favela Hi Tech (Braz-Jap)

Dir: Karim Ainouz

The director of Madame Sata and Suely In The Sky is developing this Tokyo-set thriller about power, love and betrayal between Japanese gangsters the Yakuza, a high-class Brazilian prostitute and an American playboy. Gullane is looking for a Japanese production partner.

UTI (Braz)

Dir: Cao Hamburger

Following the success of The Year My Parents Went On Vacation, Hamburger's latest drama deals with the thin line between life and death in an intensive care unit of a hospital. Production will start in 2010.

Ginga Eleven Producoes

Contact: Hank Levine,

Set up in 2007 by producers Hank Levine and Ivan Teixeira to develop projects which have the ability to travel internationally. Levine lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York before moving to Sao Paulo to look for inspiring subject matters for films. 'Ginga' in Portuguese means the ability to find alternative ways of doing things, while 'Eleven' refers to teamwork, in reference to the number of players in a football team.

Rosa Morena (Braz-Den)

Dir: Carlos Oliveira

The debut feature from Brazilian director Oliveira, who has worked on short films in Denmark since 2000. Rosa Morena follows the struggles of a Danish man who travels to Brazil to adopt a child from a poor family. Danish outfit Fine & Mellow is co-producing.

Kristina (Braz-Can)

Dir: Mika Kaurismaki

Ginga Eleven is looking for financing for this co-production with Canada's Triptychmedia about the life and loves of Sweden's legendary Queen Kristina who abdicated her throne in 1654. Ginga Eleven is also looking to work with a Scandinavian production partner. This is a personal project for Levine, who wrote the screenplay back in the 1990s with Jayne Kennedy and has been waiting for the right time to produce it.

PCC - Primeiro Comando Da Capital (Braz-Ger)

Dir: Hans Weingartner

Weingartner's drama is inspired by true events when a criminal gang known as PCC unleashed waves of attacks mainly against police in Sao Paulo in 2006. A co-production with Germany's Kahuuna Films, the project was set up by Levine, who is also writing the screenplay.

The Pelican Company (Braz-Can-Neth)

Dir: Peter Greenaway

UK director Greenaway turns his hand to this biography about Hendrik Goltzius, the 16th/17th century Dutch printer and engraver of erotic prints. Co-produced with Canada's Screen Siren Pictures and Dutch outfit The Kasander Film Company. Greenaway met Levine and Teixeira in Sao Paulo at the end of last year and decided to work with them and shoot the project in the city.

Bananeira Filmes

Contact: Leda Stopazzolli,

Set up in 2000 by Vania Catani to focus on projects that are essentially Brazilian but can engage international audiences. Recent efforts include Eliane Caffe's 2003 film Storytellers, a co-production with Gullane Filmes, which won the best fiction feature award at the Rio International Film Festival and Matheus Nachtergaele's A Festa da Menina Morta, which was selected for Un Certain Regard at Cannes this year.

Dirty Love (Braz)

Dir: Paulo Caldas

Drama from the director of Berlin title Happy Desert, exploring a love triangle between a female cellist, a priest and a doctor. Caldas' 1997 drama Perfumed Ball is considered a landmark in the renaissance of Brazilian cinema over the past 15 years.

Conspiracao Filmes

Contact: Leonardo M Barros,

This production outfit was set up in 1991 by directors Arthur Fontes, Claudio Torres, Jose Henrique Fonseca and Lula Buarque. Two of Conspiracao's biggest successes to date have been Andrucha Waddington's film Me You Them, which was distributed worldwide by Sony Classics and Sony Pictures in 2001, and Breno Silveira's Two Sons Of Francisco, one of the most successful Brazilian films at the national box office. (It took $21.9m in 2005). The company aims to produce high-quality films for the Brazilian and international markets.

Past For Sale (Braz)

Dir: Lula Buarque

Based on the novel The Book Of Chameleons by Angolan writer Jose Eduardo Agualusa, this project follows the life of an African albino who 'revises' people's pasts, selling family pedigrees to the nouveau riche, giving them great stories to tell. The project is in development. Buarque previously directed Casseta & Planeta: A Taca Do Mundo E Nossa (2003) and The Mystery Of Samba (2008).

14 (Braz-Sp)

Dir: Andrucha Waddington

A co-production with Spain's Antena 3, El Toro Pictures and Ikiru Films, 14 is the story of the 17th century Spanish poet and playwright Lope de Vega. Principal photography starts in March 2009.