Warner BrosPictures International (WBPI) executives are bidding to hold on to theirinternational crown of the past few weeks when they unleash The Dukes OfHazzard in Italy on Sept2 and Taiwan on Sept 3.

The comedy hasgrossed $5.5m from six territories so far and executives will be looking tocapitalise on its familiarity to international audiences as a televisionseries.

Meanwhile CharlieAnd The Chocolate Factoryand The Island areexpected to build steadily on their international running totals, respectively$127.2m and $102.5m.

Latest figuresreleased by the distributor put Batman Begins on $164.4m and House Of Wax on $36.7m (including Roadshowterritories), as of Aug 30.

Universal's comedyThe 40-Year-Old Virgin getsits first international deflowering in the UK through UIP on Sept 2 on 350prints. Impressive figures are expected given UK audiences' penchant for bawdycomedy and the film already has $1.05m (£580,000) under its belt from previews last weekend which will be counted in the opening weekend total.

However SteveCarell and friends will face a stiff challenge from DreamWorks International'sthriller Red Eye,which opens the same day in the UK through UIP and was due to launch in Australia andRussia on Sept 1.

Universal's LandOf The Dead openedthrough UIP in Germany on Sept 1 on 200 prints and South Korea on Sept 2 on 90.

George ARomero's horror picture has grossed $9.3m through UIP to date and a further $2min France through Wild Bunch.

Southern Gothicmystery The Skeleton Key opens in Mexico on Sept 2 on 300 prints; its international gross currentlystands at $23.6m.

Paramount's WarOf The Worlds stands at$347.7m as of Sept 1, and DreamWorks International's animated hit Madagascar, which opens through UIP in Italy andSweden on Sept 2, has grossed $296.m to date.

UIP will alsolaunch a digitally remastered version of Top Gun in Japan on approximately 16 prints from Sept 3, which is certain togenerate plenty of interest among Tom Cruise's huge local following.

TimurBekmambetov's Russian fantasy hit Night Watch gets its first release outside of Russiathis weekend. The picture will open through Fox International in Spain on Sept2 on 250 prints.

The comedy capersequel Be Cool,currently on $38m through all territories to date, opens in Japan on Sept 3 on120 prints.

FoxInternational opens The Brothers Grimm in Taiwan - the only territory where it holds rights onSept 3.

Latest figuresput Star Wars: Episode III on $458.7m, Fantastic Four on $147.7m, and Mr And Mrs Smith on $157.4m through Fox International and$223m through all distributors.

Sony PicturesReleasing International opens Bewitched in Germany on Sept 1 on 618 prints and Spain a day later on303. The comedy has grossed $24.5m to date.

The actionpicture Stealth opensin Italy on Sept 2 on 175 and Spain the same day on 100. It currently stands at$18.8m from the early stages of its run.

Buena VistaInternational (BVI) opened the thriller Dark Water in France on Aug 31 and early trackingsuggests the picture, currently on $9.8m, should perform solidly over theweekend.

Latest international runningtotals released by BVI executives put The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy on $49.8m, Sin City on $49.9m, and Herbie: Fully Loaded on $60.4m.