US video-on-demand service Eurocinema has signed an exclusive dealwith independent film distributor First Run Features to handle First Run'scatalogue of titles.

Premiere First Run Features titles launching on Eurocinema inDecember include Claude Chabrol's Merci Pour Le Chocolat, Ludivine Sagnier's La Petite Lili, Dani Levy's Go For Zucker, and Ole Christian Madsen's Kira'sReason.

'First Run Features' roster includes award-winning foreignfilm titles that are not readily accessible by North American audiences untilnow for the first time on Eurocinema,' Eurocinema's head of US operationsLarry Namer said.

'We're delighted to add First Run's content to our offeringsand look forward to a long and successful partnership.'

Each feature presented by Eurocinema is the centrepiece of atwo-hour hosted thematic programming block, with supplemental content such ashost commentary, original documentaries, and director interviews.