Final Draft co-founder Ben Cahan has set up a new online community dedicated to screenwriting.

The site,, is to connect aspiring screenwriters with agents, managers and producers looking for new talent.

The recently launched social network is global and partners include Scriptapalooza and industry experts including John Truby, Marilyn Horowitz, Dave Trottier and Chris Soth.

California-based Cahan said: “For too long, unknowns with talent and a driving passion to achieve a career as a writer in the entertainment industry have found it extremely difficult to get the attention of the Hollywood’s inner circle. Literary agents, personal managers, producers and studio executives rarely read unsolicited material, leaving talented but uncredited writers sitting on the outside looking in. Talentville aims to bridge that gap, harnessing the power of the many to find the best of the best and then actively promote top-rated works to professionals in motion pictures, television and live theater.”