The programme has been unveiled for Europe’s first video on demand film festival, which will screen through seven VoD providers.

The festival, titled Streams, will feature 14 titles throughout December through the EuroVoD network, which includes UniversCiné Belgium, UniversCiné France, Spain’s Filmin, Ireland’s Volta, Germany’s Good!Movies, Austria’s Flimmit, and Switzerland’s

The films include Irish comedy Sensation, directed by Tom Hall, documentary Crossdresser, and Still Life, Sebastian Meise’s Diagonale-winning debut.

From Dec 1, viewers who visit will be re-directed to their respective national VoD platform in the EuroVoD network in order to access the festival’s titles in subtitled versions for €2.49 per film or €19.99 for the bundle of 14 films.

EuroVoD was founded in May 2010, representing more than 150 independent producers and distributors, to promote VoD as a new channel for the distribution of films.

The Paris-based network also has member platforms in Finland (Blind Spot Pictures) and Poland (Netkin).

Streams: full line-up

  • Still Life, dir: Sebastian Meise, 2011, Austria
  • The Fatherless, dir: Marie Kreutzer, 2011, Austria
  • Diamond Flash, dir: Carlos Vermut, 2011, Spain
  • The Perfect Stranger, dir: Toni Bestard, 2011, Spain
  • All That Remains, dir: Pierre-Adrian Irlé & Valentin Rotelli, 2010, Switzerland
  • Nomad’s Land: In the Footsteps of Nicolas Bouvier, dir: Gaël Métroz, 2008, Switzerland (doc)
  • Hotel Deutschland 2, dir: Stefan Paul, 2011, Germany (doc)
  • Sohnemänner, dir: Ingo Haeb, 2011, Germany
  • Berlin Telegram, dir: Leila Albayaty, 2012, Belgium
  • Fils Unique, dir: Miel Van Hoogenbemt, 2011, Belgium
  • D’amour et d’eau fraîche, dir: Isabelle Czajka, 2010, France
  • Crossdresser, dir: Chantal Poupaud, 2010, France (doc)
  • One Hundred Mornings, dir: Conor Horgan, 2009, Ireland
  • Sensation, dir: Tom Hall, 2010, Ireland