First films on offer are Beast Paradise and The First Rasta.

Wide Management’s Eye on Films label is launching the first online film festival in Croatia, hosted on the online platform under the name of Nedjeljna Avvantura na tportalu, aspart of the MAXtv Filmofeel project. The Dailymotion player technology will be used.

Croatian audiences will have free access to two films per week on Sunday evenings, one fiction and one documentary. The first two films launched last evening are Beast Paradise by Estelle Larrivaz and The First Rasta by Helene Lee and Christophe Farnarier.

Catchup streams will cost .99

Coordinators of the project are Zvjezdana Sekutor and Zeljka Kolak from Croatian Telecom, Sergej Stanojkovski from Festival Avvantura Zadar, and with the support of Judita Frankovic, godmother of EoF label.