The food activism documentary Fed Up ranks as the top-grossing documentary for the year-to-date on iTunes and Amazon and has become the ninth biggest of all time on iTunes, according to distributor RADiUS.

To date Stephanie Soechtig’s film has amassed $1.1m via all digital provides, which includes iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, PlayStation, XBox and Google Play.

RADiUS declined to break out the iTunes portion of the digital number and said that number rose to $1.3m when factoring in VOD.

The distributor claims the number one documentary ranking on iTunes and Amazon for the year-to-date based on duration of rankings and an internal comparative analysis against other documentaries released in 2014.

The all-time documentary top 10 ranking on iTunes is Blackfish, Food Inc, Inside Job, Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, Sound City, Justin Bieber Never Say Never, Restrepo, Fed Up, Searching For Sugar Man and Man On Wire.