Intel and Toshiba have launched the first episode for their social film project The Power Inside.

Will Speck and Josh Gordon direct, and the cast includes Harvey Keitel, Craig Roberts, Analeigh Tipton, Reid Ewing and Zack Pearlman.

The first episode is now available at and more content will be released in the next six weeks. The audience is encouraged to get involved in the project via social media.

Intel and Toshiba previously partnered on The Beauty Inside.

“The way that we make films and how viewers interact with entertainment content is evolving,” said Will Speck. “Social films give us the opportunity to tell stories in a new way by creating an immersive, participatory experience for the audience. Co-Director Josh Gordon added, “This project was also a chance to collaborate with talent from all fields of entertainment, technology and advertising, pushing the boundaries of filmmaking. It’s exciting to work in this new model and to allow viewers to participate alongside the creation of the content.”