Opera House of Liege (pictured) to host new European 3D awards in partnership with 3D Stereo MEDIA.

California-headquartered International 3D Society has struck a deal for the 3D Stereo MEDIA event to become home of its new European IEDS, the 3D Creative Arts Awards.

The Lumiere statuettes will be given out as part of 3D Stereo MEDIA’s overall awards, to be held Dec 6 at the Opera House in Liege, Belgium. The groups will collaborate on the first of these competitive awards in Europe, which will be given in about 15 categories.

The Belgian event also includes the fourth edition of its 3D Film Festival and the second edition of its 3D Film Mart.

The partnership was jointly announced at NAB in Las Vegas by Jim Chabin, President of I3DS, and Nick Urbom, also from I3DS, together with Cécile Gonfroid, Vice-President of 3DSM, Pierre Collin, Alain Gallez, and Prof. Jacques G. Verly, co-founders and co-organisers of 3DSM.

Also at NAB, I3DS has announced the launch of a new Europe committee, which will include two organisers from 3D Stereo MEDIA.