Digital restoration timed for Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

London’s JCA has digitally remastered A Queen Is Crowned in HD for ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Mark Stanborough, Senior Film Services Co-ordinator at ITV Studios Global Entertainment, said: “With royal nostalgia at a high, ITV Studios Global Entertainment wanted to restore A Queen is Crowned to the best possible standard. JCA previously restored Sharpe’s Rifles and Poirot for us, so we knew the team could handle the challenge of bringing the documentary digitally up-to-date. Their attention to detail and grading expertise is going to give viewers around the world the opportunity to watch this historic event in a quality previously unseen.”

Matt Bowman, Commercial Director at JCA, added: “We are receiving an ever-increasing number of digital restoration commissions. From classic shows to historic documentaries filmed decades ago, broadcasters, distributors and producers are keen to maximise the assets they already possess. In this instance, bringing a British documentary about The Queen to life means that ITV Studios Global Entertainment will be able to offer international broadcasters this unique footage for their Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June.”

The Oscar nominated and BAFTA-winning documentary is the only feature-length Technicolor record of the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Laurence Olivier narrates.

The film will be available on Blu-ray later this year.