The US-Chinese venture has partnered exclusively with M1905, the official internet subsidiary of China Movie Channel/CCTV6, to stream US, Chinese and international films on a subscription and transactional basis throughout China.

Jiaflix Enterprises principals Sid Ganis, Marc Ganis and Kenneth Huang jointly announced the move in Los Angeles on Thursday (28) alongside representatives from M1905.

Jiaflix has separately signed a long-term licensing deal with Paramount which will play into the Chinese streaming deal.

Jiaflix principal Marc Ganis said the exclusive arrangement would “bring the best that Hollywood has to offer to viewers in China.”

Paramount Home Media Distribution president Hal Richardson said the deal with Jiaflix offered “an important step” for the studio in the positioning of its product in China.

“Paramount has worked with China Movie Channel for many years and we are happy to be expanding our relationship and online movie viewership in China through our deal with Jiaflix,” M1905 director and vp Longfei Liang said

Jiaflix and M1905 also announced an anti-piracy initiative to combat online theft in China.