axisVFX to be based in Bristol and Glasgow.

CGI animation studio Axis has partnered with VFX Supervisor (3D) Grant Hewlett, VFX Supervisor (2D) Howard Jones and Senior VFX Producer Melanie Byrne to launch axisVFX, a new boutique visual effects facility.

Jones, Byrne and Hewlett have previously worked on films including Prince Caspian, Fred Claus, Hellboy, Doctor Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter.

Axis co-founders Richard Scott and Stu Aitken are on board after 15 years of running Axis.

The company will have studios in Bristol and Glasgow.

“We have all been friends and colleagues for many years.” said Richard Scott.“The timing is perfect for us to be establishing something new together. We’ve already built a great CGI team and production infrastructure at Axis and we excel in the areas of pre-production, conceptual design,direction, editorial, as well as character and creature performances. We think these strengths tie in perfectly with Grant, Howard and Mel’s impressive track record delivering visual effects, compositing and on set supervision.”

Grant Hewlett added: “We believe in de-mystifying the VFX process for producers and directors, creating visual effects that support the story, whilst adding drama and scale to productions.”