FoundLove ties into themes of documentary Occupy Love [pictured].

Victoria-based transmedia agency One Net Labs is working on digital media promotion for documentary Occupy Love, and has started a free photo sharing mobile app to build on the film’s themes.

FoundLove ( is about users expressing their voice for social revolution.The goal is to create the largest ever-changing digital wall of heart images.

Velcrow Ripper’s film is about the Occupy Wall Street protests and the Arab Spring. The film was supported by a crowdfunding campaign.

“We didn’t want this app to be your standard film promotional tool,” said Nicole Sorochan, Creative Director at One Net Labs. “Telling people to go watch bonus footage isn’t involving the audience. Our goal was to translate the core message of the film—connection and interdependence—into a standalone experience. You could leave the theatres and express the filmmaker’s message.”