Spanish chain Yelmo Cines is rolling out Christie’s Solaria series digital projectors in 370 cinemas in Spain.

Of 80% of the digital projectors to be installed by August will be Christie.

Yelmo has 396 screens in 31 cinemas. Arts Alliance Media is handling the digital rollout for the chain, along with Spanish integrator Grupo Kelonik. So far, 200 cinemas have been equipped.

Christie was the brand selected for Yelmo’s first phase of digitisation in 2009. “We were delighted with the performance of Christie machines, their trustworthiness and excellent value for money. There was never any question that we would opt for Christie projectors again for our ongoing digitisation,” said Enrique Martínez, Yelmo’s technical director.

He added: “The two main reasons which make the Solaria series such an attractive solution for exhibitors is its modularity, and the fact that they can be upgraded to 4K, requiring no additional modification,” Martínez explained.

“We are thrilled that Yelmo Cines has once again placed its trust in our projectors for the second stage of this digitising process. We take it as a show of confidence and respect for Christie,” said Antonio Abad, head of Christie in Spain and Portugal. “Christie is manufacturing the digital cinema projectors most widely used today in the market, because exhibitors recognise that, apart from delivering superb image quality, our projectors offer the best light efficiency and lowest operating cost,” he added.

When the Yelmo digitisation is complete across all its screens by mid-2011, it will mark the first Spanish exhibitor to digitise its entire network.