Miramax's Kill Bill Vol 2 went on an estimated $18mrampage in 21 territories through Buena Vista International (BVI) at theweekend, opening top in several key markets.

QuentinTarantino's revenge saga sequel opened top in the UK on a strong $5.1mfrom 500 screens, top in Italy on $1.9m from 250 and top in Australia on $2.2mfrom 280.

It also opened topin Germany on $3m from 500, beating Columbia TriStar's 50 First Dates in the final tally. Allfigures were higher than same-territory openings for Kill Bill Vol 1.

MeanwhileStarsky & Hutch scored a mighty $4m number one five-day bow in France on600,000 admissions. Overall the buddy movie grossed $7.3m at the weekend toraise its international running total to just under $53m.