Nicolas Chartier and DeanDevlin's fledgling international sales and financing house Voltage Pictures hasacquired two comedies from Insomnia Entertainment, Eric Bernt's Vegas Baby and Matthew Cole Weiss' Standing Still.

Voltage will handleinternational rights and show footage to buyers at Cannes on both pictures,which are currently in post production.

Vegas Baby centres on five friends who head for Sin City tocelebrate their friend's final few days of bachelorhood before tying the knot.Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Donald Faison, Kathy Griffin and Vincent Pastorestar.

Standing Still stars Mena Suvari in a latter-day Big Chill tale of a group of former college friends whoassemble one weekend before their friend's wedding and reminisce about theiryouth.

Voltage president Chartiernegotiated the deal with Ron Levin of Kleinberg, Lopez, Lange, Cuddy &Edel, and Graham Taylor of Endeavor on behalf of Insomnia Entertainment.

Voltage Pictures recentlyannounced the $22m miniseries The Triangle, which Devlin will produce with Bryan Singer for The SCI-FI Channel inthe US.

Trent Othick, Tom Breitlingand Tim Poster, who own the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas, set upproduction company Insomnia Entertainment with Station Casinos owners Lorenzoand Frank Fertitta.

They are currentlydeveloping a project set in the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship tobe directed by John Herzfeld.