Voltage Pictures’ new EFM project has made a splash ahead of the start of the Berlin market next week.

Company chief Nicolas Chartier has fielded heavy interest from buyers after he sent out a letter several weeks ago announcing the thriller The Good Doctor starring Orlando Bloom.

Production started in Los Angeles this week on the tale of  a young physician who receives blackmail threats from an intern following the accidental death of a patient with whom he had become besotted.

Lance Daly is directing from a screenplay by John Enbom in his follow-up to the award winning Ireland-set drama Kisses. Jonathan King and Dan Etheridge are producing with Bloom under his Viddywell production label.

Michael Pena, Taraji P Henson, Rob Morrow, Troy Garity, Riley Keough and JK Simmons are in negotiations to join Bloom on the cast.

Leonid Lebedev and Viddywell’s Sharon Miller are serving as executive producers.