Lars Von Trieris hatching a documentary about one of his favourite films - legendary movie auteur Carl TheodorDreyer's 1964 feature Gertrud.

Von Trier'sproducer Vibeke Vindelow said here that Von Trier will write, direct andconduct all the interviews for the documentary which will feature the cast andcrew from the film who are still alive. "Lars will do it all by himself," shesaid.

Von Trier's new project MyMan The President has been sellingbriskly at the market through Trust Film Sales, with deals already closed forCentral Partnership in Russia, California Films in Brazil, Shani Films inIsrael, Independenta in Romania, Artcam in Czech Republic and Artdo in BalticStates.

The $3.2m comedy will bedelivered in spring 2007. Vindelow will producethrough Zentropa.

My Man ThePresident is a comedyabout the owner of an IT firm who has to resort to an elaborate ruse when hedecides to sell up his business.

Vindelow statedthat she was confident Von Trier will indeed eventually complete his USATrilogy, which started with Dogville, continued with Manderlay and then came to an abrupt halt. Heannounced in Cannes this year that he was putting the final part Wasington onhold. "Right now, he is convinced he is going to do it," Vibeke said.

- Trust Film Sales has alsoclosed several deals on action-thriller Storm (screening at the AFM this weekend.) Sales have beencompleted to Spain (Films & Piniculas), Brazil (California Films), Thailand(Pacific Marketing), Mexico (Mandala Films) and China (DD Dream).