UKexhibitor Vue Entertainment is launching ‘mystery’ film screenings at 33 screens across England onMay 5.

The weekly screenings, held on Tuesdays, will offer cinema-goers the chance to see new films ahead of their official release. Vue programmers will have a choice of between four and ten films, including 3D titles, which are due to open the Friday after the screening.

The only information that will be revealed to audiences prior to the screening is the certification of the film. The standard ticket price will apply but cinema-goers have the option to leave and seek a refund during the first 20 minutes of the film.

The exhibitor says it plans to extend the screenings to further cinemas if the initiative proves successful.

Mark De Quervain, marketing director of Vue, said: “We’re playing on the thrill of the unknown. It’s all about getting people to see films they normally wouldn’t see, to see films that wouldn’t be their normal choice of film. We want to broaden their film repertoire.”

He added that it has started talks with distributors about the scheme and had received a positive reaction so far. “The ones we’ve mentioned it to have been very keen on the idea,” he said.

The UK launch follows the success of the initiative which has been implemented by exhibitors in Germany, among other countries.