DreamWorks International's Wallace& Gromit has wasted little timein hitting its stride over the past two weeks and should continue its dominancethrough UIP this weekend.

No particular title is launching in a significant number of markets this weekend, paving the way for the animated feature to bulk up on its $46.8minternational running total.

The picture is set to open in Taiwan on Oct 22 and should hold well in itssecond weekend in the UK following that superb $11.3m number one launch minuspreviews.

UIP is also unleashing Universal's action horror title Doom day-and-date with North America in Malaysia,Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

The Asian markets are prone to piracy and Doom, which is based on Activision's bestselling videogame franchise, is regarded as a prime target for the counterfeit gangs.

Universal's Pride And Prejudice,currently on $25.9m, launches in Australia and Germany Oct 20, and the sci-fiadventure Serenity goes out inSpain on Oct 21 and stands at $6.8m.

Working Title's UK family comedy Nanny McPhee opens in its native land on Oct 21. The distributor also has twopick-ups - the action title Domino,which opens in Mexico on Oct 21 and Japan a day later through UIP, and Arahan, which goes out in Japan the same day.

Finally, UIP will release DreamWorks International's thriller Red Eye in Italy on Oct 21 and the picture stands at $29.6mto date.

Buena Vista International (BVI) executives will be looking to boost the $20.4minternational running total for Dark Water when the thriller launches in Australia on Oct 20.

Thriller Flightplan opens inGermany on Oct 20 and Brazil and Sweden a day later and currently stands at$11.5m. The football saga Goal!has no major kick-offs this weekend and currently stands at $6.9m.

BVI's family title Sky Highlaunches in the UK on Oct 21 and stands at $11.7m to date.

Warner Bros Pictures International has no major releases this weekend.

As of Oct 16, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory stood at more than $244.5m including VillageRoadshow markets, The Dukes Of Hazzard stood at more than $28.3m including Village Roadshow markets, and BatmanBegins had grossed in excess of$165.5m.

Fox International opens Fever Pitchin Mexico on Oct 21 on 200 prints, one of the last launches for the romanticcomedy that has taken $6m through all distributors to date.

The adventure Into The Blue goesout in Australia on Oct 20 on 183, Russia the same day on 180, and the UK onOct 21 on 221. It's grossed $4.9m to date.

Transporter 2 opens in Brazil andSouth Korea on Oct 21 on 70 prints in both markets. The action sequel hasgrossed $27.8m through all distributors and $12.6m through Fox International.

New Line International opens comedy The Man in Australia on Oct 20 and the picture has grossed$2.1m from the early stages of its run.

Monster In Law stands at $82.8m,Wedding Crashers is on $70.9m, and A History Of Violence is on $6.7m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International has no major openers this weekend andwill not be reporting grosses.