Local films headed by cardshark drama War Of Flowers took thetop four spots at the Korean box office over the four-day Chuseok holidayweekend.

Distributed by CJEntertainment, War Of Flowers has clockedup 2.75 million admissions since it opened on Sept 28, according to the KoreanFilm Council's box office ticketing system.

The flashy drama, directedby Choi Dong-hoon and starring Cho Seung-woo and Kim Hye-soo, overturnedassumptions based on the past five years running that Chuseok (Korea's harvest moon festival) box office is ruled bycomedies in the number one spot.

Showbox-distributed gangstercomedy Marrying The Mafia 3 rankedsecond with a little over 2 million admissions.

Radio Star,a more sedate outing by Lee Joon-ik, director of former box office record-breakerKing And The Clown, ranked third. Thefilm, which opened at the same time as WarOf Flowers on a smaller release of 290 screens, took in 621,000 admissions.

In the number four spot isdeath row melodrama Maundy Thursdaydirected by Song Hae-sung (Rikidozan,Failan). The weepie opened Sept 14and has since clocked up an accumulated 2 million admissions for PrimeEntertainment.

The top 10 was rounded outby Jackie Chan's Rob-B-Hood, WarnerBros' animation The Ant Bully, localcomedy Mission: Sex Control starringKim Jung-eun (Marrying The Mafia),local horror The Fox Family, ZhangZiyi starrer The Banquet, and PedroAlmodovar's Volver.

Normally a three-day publicholiday, Chuseok this year ran from Thursday, Oct 5 into the weekend. It waspreceded by National Foundation Day on Tuesday, Oct 3, and many businesses tooksix days off, with some taking nine starting on the preceding weekend.

On the other hand, ratingsshowed viewers went for local comedies on the small screen, including gangstercomedy sequels My Boss, My Teacherand Marrying The Mafia 2.