Korean mobile internet provider KTF will be offering latest Warner Brothersmovies and TV series in a specialscreening section starting tomorrow (Nov 26).

KTF's Warner Brothers special section will feature 150items including hit movies such as Speed Racer and the Harry Potter and Matrix series, as well as popular TV shows such as Friends, The West Wing and ER.

The TV series will cost KW1,000 ($0.67) per episode, and movies will cost KW2,000 each.

Warner Brothers Digital Distribution in Korea noted the highly wired country has a large consumer base that is used to enjoying music and films asdigital content, and thatthe companywould continue to actively pursue digital business for the internet, IPTV and digital cable.

Earlier this month, Warner Brothers had announced the closure of its DVD and home video unit in Korea, while saying it would concentrate on digital distribution.