Warner Bros confirmed that HarryPotter And The Prisoner of Azkabanrecorded the fourth biggest opening of all time in Australia at the weekend asthe family picture raised its overall international total by an estimated$66.4m from more than 9,900 screens in 40 countries to $204.8m.

The third Harry Potter instalment took $8.6m on 452 screens in Australia,making it the fourth biggest bow behind Lord Of The Rings 2 and 3and Star Wars: Episode II.

Australia was one of 16countries where the picture opened in its second wave of internationalreleases, having launched in 24 the previous weekend.

In its second week in theUK, Azkaban added $8m from 535sites and fell 54% for a $57.8m running total. Germany added $9.9m from 1,365 screensand fell 35% for $28.8m.

France added $9.7m on morethan 900 and slipped 38% for $27.6m, Italy grossed $3.7m on 743 and fell 47%for $13.7m and Mexico added $2.9m on 940 and fell 45% for $10.3m.

Brazil has reached $4.5mafter slipping 31% on $1.3m from 495, and Taiwan raised its nationwide total by$1.3m from 161 after a 48% slip for $5.7m.

Troy's international running total is $293.3m after a$16.6m weekend haul from more than 7,100 screens in 59 markets.

As previously reported here,it is now Warner Bros' sixth biggest international performer and has taken$31.6m in Germany, $26.7m in Japan, $17.5m in France and $13.8m in Mexico.