The Warner Bros Pictures International duo of The Island and Charlie And The Chocolate Factoryruled the roost over theweekend, grossing an estimated $13.9m and $13.6m for $63m and $90.9m respectiveinternational running totals.

Launching at number one in Mexico, The Island grossed $1.9m in that territoryincluding previews. Released on 500 prints, it captured a 34% market share ofthe Mexican market.

A number one debut was also being reported in Russia, where theaction sci-fi grossed $1.2m, including previews, on 241 prints.

Elsewhere, The Island secured a string of second-place debus in the UK on $2.6m from413 venues, Holland on $434,500 on 86 prints, and Argentina on $198,800 on 50.

In second weekend holdovers, Spain added $1.1m for $5.1m, Germanygrossed $1.6m for $5.3m, and Brazil grossed $504,430 for $1.7m and second placebehind the launch of New Line International's Monster In Law.

Australia has yielded $3.7m so far for The Island after three weekends, while South Koreastands at a superb $19m after four and Japan has amassed $9.4m after the sameamount of time.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory opened second in Spain on $1.5m on 308prints and launched into the top five in Germany on $1.5m on 484.

Charlie braved atyphoon in Hong Kong to open number one on an excellent $643,600 includingpreviews on 41 prints that was Johnny Depp's biggest ever debut in theterritory. The picture also opened top in Turkey on $211,100 on 79.

Tim Burton's film stayed top in the UK in its third weekend on$4.9m for a sparkling $45.5m running total. Mexico stands at $4.8m after threeweekends, Taiwan has grossed $1.6m after two, and Singapore and the Philippinesstand at $1.2m and $512,000 respectively after two.

DreamWorks International's animated family title Madagascar added $8.2m through UIP territories andChina, South Korea and Japan, where the distributor does not hold rights.

The picture opened in second place in the key Japanese cities on$2.7m behind Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge Of The Sith. National rankings will be released thisweek. Madagascar hastaken a collective $252m through all its international distributors, of which $236.3mhas come via UIP.

Paramount's War Of The Worlds added $4.1m for a total of $332.1m. Its UK gross takingsstand at $53.4m, Japan at $48.6m, France at $26.3m, and Germany at $19.7m.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) Herbie: Fully Loaded grossed $5.7m over the weekend to raiseits running total to $42m, while Sin City added $5.5m in BVI territories for a $34.3m BVI cumulativetotal.

Sin Cityopened top in three of its four new territories, led by $2.5m in Germany inwhat was Robert Rodriguez' biggest ever debut there.

Other number one launches included $1.7m in Spain and$500,000 in Austria. The picture opened in second place in New Zealand on$200,000.

Herbieadded $1.3m in its second weekend in France for a $4m running total, and added$1.2m in the UK for $4m and fourth place after the same amount of time.

The family title added $700,000 in its second weekend inGermany for $2.7m, and launches in South Korea and Scandinavia next weekend.

Dark Wateropened in fourth place in Walter Salles' homeland of Brazil on $130,000 on 70screens. The horror picture grossed $800,000 over the weekend for a $5.4minternational running total.

A number one $2.2m launch in South Korea on 248 screens was thechief driver in Fantastic Four's $4.5m weekend haul through FoxInternational. The Marvel Comics adaptation stands at $128m internationally.

The romantic comedy Perfect Catch, known as Fever Pitch in North America, has a lacklustre internationallaunch with a $455,000 debut in the UK on 254 screens.

Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge Of The Sith continued its excellent Japanese run,staying top for its sixth consecutive weekend on $2.8m over the Obon holiday foran excellent $62m running total. Episode III has taken $444m internationally.

The animated family picture Robots added $915,000 on 417 in its thirdweekend in Japan and has grossed $5.6m. Robots has hauled in a $124.5m internationalcumulative total.

Mr And Mrs Smith raised its total through Fox to $143m and is now likely to havepassed $200m through all distributors. Figures will be confirmed this week.

Universal's Gothic thriller Skeleton Key grossed $1.8m on 874 screens in eightterritories to raise its early international cumulative total to $9.5m.

Key drivers were a $400,000 launch including previews inTaiwan, and $330,000 on 236 in its third weekend in the UK for a $4.1m runningtotal.

In Spain, the film has generated $2.9m and ranks eighth,and in France its total stands at $1.8m, both after three weekends.

Land Of The Dead, the latest instalment in George A Romero's seminal zombieseries, opened top in France on $1m through Wild Bunch. The picture added $1.1mon 655 in 19 UIP territories and has amassed $6.2m through UIP with 27territories still to open.

Bewitchedgrossed $1.8m on 588 screens in eight markets through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational to raise its running total to $9.1m.

The televisionadaptation, headlining Nicole Kidman, opened in second place in Mexico on $1.2mon 350 screens, and added $100,000 on 135 in its sixth weekend in Australia for$7.3m.