The Polar Express grossed an estimated $10.7m on 4,400 screens in 25 marketsthrough Warner Bros Pictures International at the weekend to raise itscumulative total to $24m.

The animated feature opened on $1.6m on 455 and 254,200 admissionsin Italy, where it was expected to rank second behind Buena VistaInternational's The Incredibles.

France produced roughlythe same amount on 670 and 212,000 admissions, while Spain yielded $1.1m on363. The distributor did not reveal rankings for either of these two markets.

The picture opened third in both Denmark and Finland, grossing$190,000 and $77,000 respectively.

In its second weekend in Germany The Polar Express fell 6% on $1.5m on 775 for $4m. Mexicowas expected to rank second after a 36% fall in its second weekend on $1.1m on500 for an unspecified running total, while Japan fell 38% and added $1.1m for$4.1m.

In its third weekend in Australia the picture fell 21% on $583,000on 226 for $2.7m and an unspecified ranking. Next weekend's launches includethe UK and Taiwan, among others.

Alexander, to which Warner Bros PicturesInternational holds limited rights, opened top in Mexico on $1.3m on 400screens. According to the distributor the opening surpassed the debuts of Gladiatorby 14% and Gangs OfNew York by 21%.