In a move that demonstratesstudio resolve to stamp out piracy, Warner Bros Entertainment has begun legalaction against a cinema-goer for illegally camcording The Matrix Reloaded.

A German man wasdetained while copying the film with a personal camcorder at a cinema in Munichafter he was spotted by cinema staff wearing night goggles.

The studio has commencedcivil proceedings for damages and is also seeking a contractual by the man notto repeat the behaviour.

"The theft ofour films is one of the biggest threats to our industry," a Warner Brosspokesperson said. "This activity, commonly referred to as raubkopien isestimated to cost the overall industry in Germany Euros800m per year.

"Camcording apublic performance in a cinema is an illegal act, which is the source formillions of counterfeit copies that one sees on the streets all over Europe andfor unlawful Internet-based services."