The Warner Bros PicturesInternational (WBPI) duo of The Island and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory are expected to lead the international pack onceagain this weekend.

Sci-fi actioner TheIsland, which has been the highestgrossing international release of the last two weekends, opens in Italy on Aug26. It has amassed $85.3m to date.

Meanwhile Charlie And TheChocolate Factory opens in Russia onAug 26 and executives are anticipating another strong weekend for the familypicture, which has grossed $111.7m so far.

Television adaptation TheDukes Of Hazzard gets its firstmajor overseas launches with releases set for France on Aug 24, followed by theUK, Mexico and Spain on Aug 26.

The romantic comedy MustLove Dogs also makes its first majorinternational forays with debuts set for Germany on Aug 25 and Brazil a daylater.

Batman Begins stands at $163.2m and House Of Wax has taken $36.4m to date.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) will launch the comedy Bewitched in South Korea on Aug 25 on 122 prints and Japan onAug 27 on 314. The picture has grossed $15.5m so far.

Deuce Bigalow: EuropeanGigolo opens in Spain and Italy onAug 26 on 277 and 100 respectively and is in the early stages of release.

Stealth was preparing for take-off in France on Aug 24 on 411and Thailand a day later on 100 and currently stands at $16.2m.

The Adventures OfSharkboy And Lavagirl, which hasgrossed $10.6m to date, opens in the UK on Aug 26 on 300.

Universal's Southern Gothicmystery Skeleton Key opens inseven territories through UIP this weekend including Brazil and South Korea onAug 26 on 160 and 80 prints respectively. The picture has amassed $17.1m todate.

Land Of The Dead goes out in Japan on Aug 27 on 128 prints; so far ithas grossed $7.5m through UIP and $9.2m in total including France, where it isreleased through Wild Bunch.

Buena Vista International(BVI) opens Dark Water in Spainon Aug 26; the supernatural thriller has grossed $7.1m to date.

Herbie: Fully Loaded opens in Italy and Russia on Aug 26; so far it hasamassed $51.1m. The Amityville Horror has no major openings this weekend, although it launches in Argentinaon Aug 25; it has grossed $9.9m to date.

Paramount's War Of TheWorlds has amassed $339.4m throughUIP as of Aug 24.

DreamWorks International's Madagascar currently stands at $243.6m. Both pictures arewinding down after highly successful campaigns.

Fox International has a veryquite weekend ahead, only opening the comedy Fat Albert in France on Aug 25. Latest totals put FantasticFour on $42m including Germany andAustria, where it is distributed by Constantin.

Star Wars: Episode III has amassed $456.1m, and has taken $73.6m in Japanalone.

New Line International hasno major releases scheduled, however Wedding Crashers has amassed $33.8m, and Monster-In-Law stands at$48m.