Warner Bros PicturesInternational (WBPI) set a new company record for 2003, grossing $1.63bnaccording to latest figures.

The amount surpassed theprevious record of $1.6m set in 2002 and means that the company has passed $1bnfor the past three years and six times in total, finishing top of the studiosin 2001 and 2002.

WBPI's top three grossingtitles of the year were The Matrix Reloaded on $457m, followed by The Matrix Revolutions on $279m as of Dec 31 (both titles were distributedby Village Roadshow in some territories) and Harry Potter And The Chamber OfSecrets on $138m.

The top local languageco-productions and acquisitions were Good Bye, Lenin! (Germany) on $42m, Hero (China/Hong Kong, released in Japan) on $35m and ChouChou (France) on $25m.

All financial results forWBPI are reported on a November fiscal year basis. The box office figures are estimated for calendar year 2003,and include $73m from box office generated by Warner Bros films distributed byVillage Roadshow Pictures.