Warner Bros TechnicalOperations subsidiaries Motion Picture Imaging (MPI) and Global Digital MediaXchange (GDMX) have created the first ever 4K digital cinema package of apicture for commercial exhibition.

The version of TimBurton's Corpse Bride, created incompliance with the recently announced Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI)specifications, was sent from California to Japan by secure fibre network viaNippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT), and is currently playing in threeToho theatres.

MPI created the imageelements and compressed them using the specification's JPEG 2000 compressionalgorithm, before GDMX provided encryption, packaging services and security keydistribution.

MPI and GDMX are currentlyworking to create the digital package for Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire,which will also be digitally distributed digitally to Toho theatres inpartnership with NTT.