With no realistic contender in sight Charlie And The ChocolateFactory looks set tocontinue ruling international waters as it bears down on $200m.

The family picture launches inItaly on Sept 23 through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI); it currentlystands at more than $180.3m including Roadshow territories.

Warner stablemate Dukes Of Hazard opens in Brazil on Sept 23; it hasamassed more than $16.4m to date. As of Sept 19, Batman Begins stood at more than $165.2m, and TheIsland is on more than $122.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) televisionadaptation Bewitched wasdue to open in France on Sept 21 on 450 screens and has a shot at elevating its$47m international running total past $50m this weekend.

Comedy sequel Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo should perform well following its Sept22 launch in Australia on 236 if the original is anything to go by. Thatpicture opened in second place on 169 screens in January 2000 and took $2.3m inits first week. The sequel stands at $8.9m from all territories to date.

Comedy remake The Longest Yard was set to open in Germany on Sept 22 on200. The international running total was unavailable at time of writing. Theaction title Stealth standsat more than $28.5m.

SPRI executives are aiming for a sixth consecutive weekend at thetop in Brazil with Sony's local production Two Children Of Francisco. The picture has amassed more than $8.6mto date and ranks as the second biggest release of the year in Brazil.

However it will face stiff competition from Universal's comedy The40-Year-Old Virgin andWBPI's Dukes Of Hazard.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin opens there through UIP on Sept 23. It has grossed$9.6m from all its international territories.

UIP also rolls out DreamWorks International's thriller Red Eye - currently on $17.3m - in Spain on Sept23, and Universal's zombie romp Land Of The Dead in the UK on the same day. George ARomero's latest Dead instalment stands at $16.4m.

Paramount's family picture The Spongebob Squarepants Movie opens in Italy through UIP on Sept 23. Ithas grossed $52.6m so far.

Two of the studio's titles in early stages of internationalroll-out launch this weekend. Drama Four Brothers was set to open in Russia on Sept 22 and BadNews Bears launches inJapan on Sept 23.

Paramount's War Of The Worlds stands at more than $352.6m andDreamWorks International's Madagascar has amassed more than $282.4m.

Fox International's Fever Pitch (aka Perfect Catch outside North America) opens in Spain onSept 23 on 275 prints; it is in the early stages of release.

Fantastic Four stands at $158.8m, Guess Who is on $31.5m, Night Watch is on $16.2m, and The Transporter 2, which opens in Taiwan on Sept 24 on 54screens, stands at $15.8m. All cumulative totals represent ticket sales throughFox and non-Fox distributors.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) release schedule was unavailableat time of writing. Cinderella Man is currently BVI's most active picture and stands at more than$16m following last weekend's impressive multi-territory haul.

New Line International had no major releases lined up thisweekend. Wedding Crashers has taken more than $56.9m and Monster-In-Law stands at more than $59.7m.